Perumal's Thiru Ther

Some time back, I saw a notice on the website regarding a 'Thir Ther' project for Sri Adikesava Perumal of Sriperumbudur. I was inspired by this undertaking by the Thiruppani committee of Sriperumbudur temple and decided to  build a Thiru Ther for my home deity- Sri Srinivasa Perumal.

I was excited at the thought of my home deity having His own Thiru Ther.  Since I am very particular about the design of Perumal's alangara items such as His jewelry, vaahanam and other paraphernalia, I decided to build His ther myself.

The very next day, for the next two weeks, I spent my nights drawing a life size model of the Ther. The Ther had to be below 2 meters in height as the entrance to the prayer room was also that height. The Ther was modeled after the Thir Ther in Singapore's  Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple. 

On the morning muhurtham of 6th June 2003, I offered a simple prayer to Perumal and with the blessed tools and material that I had bought for  the project, I chiseled off a chip of the wooden plank that would become the base of the Ther. 

From that day, I spent the next four weekends building the Thiru Ther. The Ther was built in 5 parts and was assembled upon completion of all the parts. The first part was the base of the Ther, second was a 4 tier bottom piece, third was the outer four pillars, fourth was the inner 4 four pillars and lastly the top section of the Ther which was shaped like an octagon. 

Like all Thiru Ther, there are two pedestals on which Perumal will be mounted. A small padi chattam in which Perumal together with Sri Devi and Bhu Devi will be fastened, was also built. 

The completed Thir Ther - the most fitting tribute to my Athu Perumal, would have not been made possible without His divine grace and blessings. I thus offer this Thir Ther to the lovely Divine Couple, Sri Devi- Sri Bhumi Devi Sematha Sri Srinivasa Perumal.

The Thir Ther construction took about 3 months and was Inaugurated on the 5th of October (Puratasi Sravanam), the birth star of Sri Srinivasa Perumal.


Om Namo Narayanaaya | Om Namo Bagavadey Vasu Devaaya



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